Tim's Knees

Okay some of you may know that Tim got in a wreck in high school that caused him to have knee surgery on his right knee. well through out the years his left knee has started to bother him. He went to the doctor about 8 weeks ago he gave him some meds and excersises to do to strengthen the muscles. Nothing helped he could barely walk on some days.
He went back to the doctor 6 weeks later. He told the doctor what he thought it was...the miniscus (sp?) the doctor agrreed and told him to go get a MRI. After the results came back they told him he had a baker cyst and that he needed to go to a orthopedic doctor.
Yesterday he had his appointment. Tim loves his Doctor he thinks he is awesome. Dr. Otero told him that lots of people have baker cysts and that his problem was that his miniscus (sp?) was torn and his knee cap was crooked. The reason is because the muscles that go accross the knee one was longer than the other and that it was pulling he knee cap weird. So he needs surgery.
He has his surgery on May 15th. we'll need to pay about 10% of the surgery and the rest of our deductible. Little nervous but I know this is what needs to be done. The doctor also told Tim that his other knee looks bad, but his said we're not going to fix it if its not broke. He did say he would probably have to come back in a couple of years and have surgery again. I hope not we are going to pray for healing.
I'll give you a update once he has his surgery. Pray for comfort for him, direction with the hands of the doctor, and that the Lord will provide for finances.

thank you!
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