Well this was a pretty productive weekend.
Friday night my lovely husband decided to take me out on a date. Its been way too long. With Tim in the play and me just wanting to sit there in my PJ's doesn't help with getting out. We went out to eat at chili's and I got a chocolate shake and then we went to see a movie. It was heavenly and the best part was we were both asleep by 9:30. Ha we are dorks!
Saturday was great because we actually did some stuff around the house to get ready for the baby. The baby's room was the music room and Gracee's room. This room held all of Tim's guitars, the organ, the keyboard, the amps, and the drum set along with Gracee's huge kennel. (for those of you that have seen it know exactly what I'm talking about) well we got everything out except the keyboard, organ, and Gracee's kennel. After that was completed we moved on to the office which will soon hold Gracee's kennel. We had to move around some of the stuff in there and get a little more orgnanized. Bottom line the rooms look really empty, but its getting to the half way point where some of this stuff needs to get done.
Today we went to church which was great God was manifesting himself the entire time. I was getting gold sparkles on my hands even while I was running the words on the computer. It was fabulous! Everyone just left our house a little while ago after the amazing Cowboys game. We had my parents, Rodney and Virginia, and Lizzie, Terry and Brian over to have a cookout and hang out.

Baby Update! okay so this weekend this baby has been dancing like crazy. Before the only time I could feel the baby move was when I was laying completely still and concentrated. Well friday all during work, during dinner and the movie, all day on saturday, while my dad was preaching and of course during the Cowboys game. I could actually feel around and find the baby on one side and then go to the other side and the baby had moved. We were playing that game for a while. Its so cute Gracee will lay next to me even if there's no room just so she can be close. I guess she knows she needs to take care of me.
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