Just Over 6 Months

I had my doctor's appointment today. Everything was good I gained some more weight....let me tell you it was more than i wanted to hear but I'm still doing good. Yesterday I was officailly 26 weeks prengnant. One day it feels like TJ doesn't fit and everything is tight and it hurts to move and then others I'm full of energy and I feel great. I guess that's just pregnancy for you. My doctor did say I would be going to every 2 weeks for my appointments now so I go again on the 18th. We are on the home stretch people. My appointment today was extra long because they had to do the glucouse test...blah I don't like getting my blood taken well at least not while I'm pregnany I get so lightheaded to quickly that it sucks. And to top it off Tim couldn't be there with me like he normally is because our office building has been having problems with the pipes and the water will leak. Since the water leaks they turn the system off well when you have a building full of flamable chemicals you kinda HAVE to have a fire alarm in place. Which brings me to the point why Tim wasn't there....He is part of the fire watch and is having to sit up there from 4-10 tonight. I think this is like the 4th time he's done this. Its nice on the overtime but not nice on Katie time.

In case you didn't know Sarah, Tim's sister was pregnant and had her baby girl this last weekend. We were up at the hospital alot with her and have seen them a couple of times at home. She is too cute and Tim just absolutley adores her. I can't wait to see him with TJ. They have settled in nicely and are getting into the swing of things. I have some pictures of Piper in the Piper album if you would like to go check them out. Please note that those pictures were taken almost a week ago and she already looks different.

well I guess I better be ending this blog...it just doesn't want to end. Love to all!!!
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