Me And The Baby

Okay so I had another Doctor's appointment today and everything went well. I didn't gain any weight and my blood pressure was slightly high (nothing to be concerned about). I was so glad to hear that I didn't gain any weight in the past 2 weeks.
After the last appointment I've been having some swelling issues. My mom has been helping me cut down on the sodium and my friend Brandie told me about this trick. You take unsweatened cranberry juice and mix it with water and the swelling will go down....I'm telling you this works. Its not the greatest thing to drink but its soooo worth it. Thanks Brandie! The swelling has gotten much better.

I did get a call on Wednesday from the nurse about my results on my blood sugar level. She said it was pretty high and that I needed to come back in for the 3 hour test. When I scheduled the appointment i verified with them when I was to not eat and they said I could have lunch and that would be fine....NOT!

The doctor did say today when I was there that TJ was very happy and wiggling around good.

My 3 hour appointment is on Tuesday morning and my next regular appointment is on February 4th.

I'll keep the updates coming. Only 12 weeks left!!!
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