TJ’s Nursery

Okay so we finally started working on the nursery this weekend....

I started getting stressed out about it because I always need a plan in place and when we started figuring out what all we needed to get started all we needed was paint and some supplies so we headed out to Home Depot.

Here are some before pictures with the carpet taken out. (My parents are going to put in lamenate floors. The carpet was pretty bad in there)

Here's what I looked like while I was painting. I couldn't smell a thing. I look pretty silly huh?

Tim painting. we didn't take any pictures of me painting because I looked pretty ridiculous. 

And here is the after shots I took when it dried. We will be putting the molding up on tuesday so it will look a lot better then. We know it doesn't look like a little boy's room but we aren't very typical and it will be super cute and grow with him as he gets older. He will have black furniture and some pretty cool decorations. I'll post more once we get more done.

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