Kid Free

This weekend it seemed like Tim and I were kid free. Our friend Heather's birthday was on Saturday and they had a party planned to go to Joe T's for dinner with the kids and all and then go out to My Martini's for drinks and sushi...no kids. Well it ended up just being the 4 of us...like old times, pre-kids. We left Joe T's around 7 and had our babysitter meet us at our house. TJ got to play and have fun before he crashed. We met Mike and Heather at My Martini. So much fun. well then after My Martini we decided to go to a place a little more style. We headed over to Sherlock's
Then today we met Nick and Kelly for lunch and a movie...kid free to celebrate her birthday that was this last week. We went to Bravo and then went and saw taken. It was a very good movie but wasn't so good on the headache I gained right before we got there. ugh! it finally went awak about an hour after the movie.

Pictures from Saturday Night:
Mike and the birthday girl..Heather
me and Teej at Joe T's

here is TJ's favorite..Lex
Me and Tim at My Martini
Heather and I at Sherlock's
and then for whatever reason we wanted to take a picture with our mouths open

and then another for fun

me and Tim. me being annoying

Us dancing. We don't remember what song we were dancing too. HAHA. Mike? Heather? Do ya'll remember?
Final picture for the night. Ready to go home to our baby.
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