The Timothy Wayne Band

Last night Tim was in the game room playing his guitar while T.J. was napping and I was watching some TV. Once T.J. woke up we both went out there to listen to Tim play. I went and got T.J.’s guitar that he got for Christmas so he would feel a part of the playing. It was so funny. T.J. kept looking at Tim and then would look down and hit the buttons on his guitar to make it play. I got a couple of good pictures but then just had to video it. They were just playing, it was so cute!

 The sound is bad on the video because I was recording it on my digital camera and not the actual video camera. Video quality does not reflect the quality of my lovely husband's guitar playing.

For T.J.’s birthday he got the rest of his band instruments. He got the guitar for Christmas and then for his birthday he got the maracas and drums. I guess all he needs now is a little piano. I’ll work on that one. He even takes one of his maracas to church and plays along.
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