walking....he did it

Well TJ did it...he walked today. Ok he only took a few steps and still prefers to crawl but he did it. We were at chruch and Tim was practicing with the team. TJ and I were on the floor and TJ stood up like he normally does. He was just standing there and all of a sudden turned around to Tim and took a few steps toward him and then went to the ground. He did it again a few minutes later with Tim. Then I took him out to the entry way and he took another step out there. We tried very hard to get it on video when we got home but TJ just didn't want to do it. It was a long weekend and he is just worn out and to add to that, the evenings aren't his best time of day.

So instead of having him walk on video I have a funny video of him dancing.

And then this one we got one step out of him but I wasn't zoomed out enough.

We'll try really hard to get a good video this week. And yes we know. our life is about to change drastically from how we know it
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