Poor Little Guy

Well I get off work and call Tim on my way home to get the news that TJ is not looking to hot and laying on Tim's chest. note this is not normal behavior, he hasn't slept on us since he was like maybe a month old. The daycare said that he seemed kinda out of it today and later in the afternoon he was feeling feverish. I told Tim I was going to stop and get some more medicine for him, if we needed it. When I got home they were both laying on the couch. TJ looked up and groaned at me. Poor baby. He yells, claps and gets all excited when I walk in. I gave him some medicine and got his vaporizer read. His temp was at 102. We just laid him down so hopefully his fever will go down before dinner time. Say a little prayer for him. I hate to see him like this.
He's awake in this picture and playing with his blanket. He didn't move when I went in to take the picture
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