UGH! Monday TJ was acting like he was getting sick. He had a little runny nose and his cheeks were a little red. Tuesday his nose wasn’t really running but you could tell he wasn’t feeling well. His breathing was more like wheezing, his cheeks were red and you could tell in his eyes that he wasn’t doing well. We thought it was allergies since he went on a walk that morning and got worst after the walk and then when we went on a bike ride that night it flared up again. He had been sleeping with a  humidifier and I was putting baby vapor rub on him to help with his breathing.

Yesterday morning when I went and got him up his breathing was so bad it was really scaring me. Then when we were in the car he started coughing real bad. So I set him an appointment with the doctor. My main concern was his breathing. It’s only been that bad when he is having trouble with a  cold but he had no signs of a cold.

Well the diagnosis is croup. He was prescribed two medicines, one to take as needed and the other to take for the next five days. The one he needs to take as needed is albuteral. The albuteral is to help with the breathing. It’s basically a liquid inhaler. We have given him that once and he is already doing so much better.

**oh...don't worry this picture is a happy TJ picture. This is him smiling really big and winking**
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