Am I Ever So Excited

Thanksgiving is at my house this year.

Tim and I hosted thanksgiving our first year married. The only problem with this was that we were in an apartment hosting 7 people. My dining room fit 4 maybe 5 comfortably, then adding all the food and extra chairs and people. Needless to say we were very close at that table.

This will e the first year in our house and my first year hosting Tim's family. We'll have Bill and Debra (Tim's Parents), Rik, Sarah, and Piper (Tim's Sister, her husband and daughter) and then the three of us. I only have a table that seats 4 so we'll be borrowing a table from the church so that we can all fit at the table.

I decided I wanted to do this because of the remodel we did in the kitchen and I knew Rik and Sarah would be making a trip down here to see his family.

Bring on the turkey and yummy food!
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