Nice Getting a Bargain

Tim and I have been thinking of some gift ideas that we wanted to get TJ for Christmas. Yeah I know, kinda early. Anyways, we were pretty sure that we wanted to get him a yard toy and were narrowing down to a slide after the past few weeks. He has discovered slides and always screeches with excitement as he goes down.

The Little Tikes slide at Toys R' Us is about $80 and we hadn't really looked anywhere else knowing we still had time.

Well as we pull into our neighborhood someone has a little tikes slide out by the street so we continue home and Tim jumps into his truck and heads down there to get it. I got it all cleaned up and TJ wouldn't eat because he wanted to play on the slide. He was out there forever playing and learned how to climb the ladder himself. Tim also taught him how his car can roll down the slide. It was so fun sitting out there watching him play.

The only thing wrong with the slide is the steps on the ladder are cracked on the bottom two steps. 

We didn't have to pay for the slide and now we are back to square one with deciding what we'll get him for Christmas.

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