Trip to Aggieland

Well this last weekend we went down to Aggieland to see my sister and to spend some quality time with her. This was the first time we were down there to see just her and to see her house. I got off work early on Friday so we made it to College Station in time for dinner. We got slightly lost getting to her house. In ours and Amy’s defense, that is a part of town we haven’t been too and there were no street signs so the directions did no good. HAHA
We went to dinner at Rosa’s and then headed over to the Bonfire Memorial. This fall it will be 10 years since the bonfire fell and I had never been by to see the memorial. It was so moving to read the stories of all those that died. The memorial was so simple but stood for so much. Here are some pictures. We went at night which was really cool because it was all lit up. After we got back to Amy’s house it was about that time for Teej to hit the sack. One of Amy’s roommates was staying home to watch a movie and she was more than willing for TJ to sleep while we went to a bible study to meet some of her church friends. This was a little late for me the Bible study was from 10pm-12am. 
These are the 3 people that were from DFW. Sorry my shadow is in the picture.
We were up and moving around fairly early and made eggs and toast. TJ had his first egg sandwich and loved it. YAH! That’s my boy. It was raining so hard that we had to wait till about 11 before we could leave. We stopped at a few tent sales and got some good stuff at a great price. Then made our way to “the chicken”. We ended up going to the Chicken Oil instead of Dixie Chicken. We really didn’t think that Dixie Chicken, being more of a bar would have high chairs. HAHA. After we left there we headed back to the house to hang out for a while before Amy had to go to work. For dinner we headed up to Jason’s Deli to eat and visit with Amy during her break. Her manager would not let us pay because Amy was such a great employee. Yah, thanks Amy’s manager. Now here is where the adventure began. We went to 1 Target, 2 Wal-Mart’s, 1 more tent sale that closed when we pulled up, and then 1 other store that closed when we pulled up. Ugh. Then off to the house so Teej could go to bed then Tim and I enjoyed a movie with popcorn and goldfish. Amy got home as soon as the movie turned off and we got to talk to her for a bit. 
He was excited to try his first "Chicken" burger. he loved it
We got to go visit Amy’s church. It was such a great church. We enjoyed the service, the people, and the pastor. We went out to lunch with Pastor Randy and got to really talk to him and hear some of his past. She has a great church and are very glad that she is being taken care of.
I don't know where he learned this but kinda scary. At least we don't have stairs
One thing that Tim and I talked about after we left is that she has a good variety of friends. She isn’t just around church friends, work friends, or friends from class. She spends a lot of time with all, which of course makes her stronger and helps her grow. She has a lot of good friends that I know pray for her and she has people that she can pray for. I love it and we are so glad we got to spend some good time with her.


Update on the Little Dude

For all of the people wanting to have an update on TJ's fever. He fought it all weekend. Up and down constantly. He was acting fine but just had a fever and runny nose. We kept him inside most of the weekend and really got some good use out of his vaporizer. He's doing great now and hasn't had any fever for the last 3 days.

Thank you for all the prayers! They were answered and God definitely has His hand on this little guy.

The Timothy Wayne Band

Last night Tim was in the game room playing his guitar while T.J. was napping and I was watching some TV. Once T.J. woke up we both went out there to listen to Tim play. I went and got T.J.’s guitar that he got for Christmas so he would feel a part of the playing. It was so funny. T.J. kept looking at Tim and then would look down and hit the buttons on his guitar to make it play. I got a couple of good pictures but then just had to video it. They were just playing, it was so cute!

 The sound is bad on the video because I was recording it on my digital camera and not the actual video camera. Video quality does not reflect the quality of my lovely husband's guitar playing.

For T.J.’s birthday he got the rest of his band instruments. He got the guitar for Christmas and then for his birthday he got the maracas and drums. I guess all he needs now is a little piano. I’ll work on that one. He even takes one of his maracas to church and plays along.


Here is The Walking Video

Well after about 5000 times trying to get a video of him walking, we finally got it. He would do walk but only when there was no camera near. I just gave up. Tonight Teej, my mom and I were hanging out. TJ was just standing there and turned around. I grabbed the camera as fast as I could and caught him taking his final steps of the walk.


walking....he did it

Well TJ did it...he walked today. Ok he only took a few steps and still prefers to crawl but he did it. We were at chruch and Tim was practicing with the team. TJ and I were on the floor and TJ stood up like he normally does. He was just standing there and all of a sudden turned around to Tim and took a few steps toward him and then went to the ground. He did it again a few minutes later with Tim. Then I took him out to the entry way and he took another step out there. We tried very hard to get it on video when we got home but TJ just didn't want to do it. It was a long weekend and he is just worn out and to add to that, the evenings aren't his best time of day.

So instead of having him walk on video I have a funny video of him dancing.

And then this one we got one step out of him but I wasn't zoomed out enough.

We'll try really hard to get a good video this week. And yes we know. our life is about to change drastically from how we know it


Poor Little Guy

Well I get off work and call Tim on my way home to get the news that TJ is not looking to hot and laying on Tim's chest. note this is not normal behavior, he hasn't slept on us since he was like maybe a month old. The daycare said that he seemed kinda out of it today and later in the afternoon he was feeling feverish. I told Tim I was going to stop and get some more medicine for him, if we needed it. When I got home they were both laying on the couch. TJ looked up and groaned at me. Poor baby. He yells, claps and gets all excited when I walk in. I gave him some medicine and got his vaporizer read. His temp was at 102. We just laid him down so hopefully his fever will go down before dinner time. Say a little prayer for him. I hate to see him like this.
He's awake in this picture and playing with his blanket. He didn't move when I went in to take the picture

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