Anna: 7 Months

Anna is now 7 months old. It had been a fun month.

She is perfecting her crawling. She can move where ever she wants but really doesn't seem too interested in moving around. Unless of course something catches her eye. She is very curious and likes to put everything in her mouth. There is a lady who sometimes will sit behind us at church and if she touches Anna's hand Anna will grab her and pull it to her mouth. Silly girl.

Here she is about a month ago. This is how she started to Crawl.

And herher crawling tonight.
Her sitting is still a little wobbly. Actually I think its the Bumbo. I believe it has delayed her ability to sit up on her own. We didn't have one with TJ and he was sitting up perfectly at 4 months old. Its taken Anna a lot longer. The bumbo holds the child in a way where they can't build their muscles on their own. We use it all the time now for the random times she needs to eat and we aren't sitting at the table.


Last week she started pulling up. Not to her feet yet but she constantly is pulling up to her knees:
Here she is pulling up

This is her schedule at home. The schedule at my mom’s house varies a bit in the morning. She wakes up at around 8 and then eats oatmeal with fruit and milk, stays up and plays till 11:45 and starts eating then lays down at noon, sleeps till 2 to 3, eats again, stays up and plays till 4:30ish, sleeps till 6ish, up for veggie and milk, around 7:30 we start baths and she is eating and in bed by 8:15.

At my mom’s house sometimes she'll sleep till 8:30ish but then sometimes she'll wake up between 7 and 7:30 has a bottle and then lays back down for an hour and half then eats her oatmeal then the schedule is the same as at home.
first time sitting at the table with the family


The pacifier is a toy

celery is yummy

one of the first times Anna didn't have any problems eating from a bottle with me

fathers day

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