Scottish Festival 2011

Every year we have gone to the Scottish festival. Since our kids are young we don't get to spend as much time out there as we would like. Although the heat keeps us far away until the sun is almost gone. This year we planned to go out there around dinner time so we could eat some of the yummy food and then stay for an hour or so until it was time for the kids to crash. I had arranged for the kids to go to my parents house so Tim and I could continue to hang out.

We got there at 6 and the walk from the car to the front gate about kills you with the heat. As soon as we walked in Anna was done. She started crying and got extremely uncomfortable. We made one trip around and got our food. Jan and Kenny helped keep Anna entertained until Tim and I were done eating. Anna fought sleep for a while but finally crashed around 7:30.

Tim's parents were in town for the Scottish Festival and this was the only chance we were going to be able to see them over the weekend. They were stuck in a class shortly after we got there and couldn't get out. We kept the kids out there a little while longer so they would get to spend a few minutes with them.

About a month ago they announced that the festival will be moved to the beginning of May. It will be a lot cooler for sure.

Here are some pictures from the day:

Me and my kiddos...all of us in our kilts


Anna fell asleep on daddy. Tim's kilt doesn't fit anymore so he is waiting until possible next year to buy a new one. He was actually called the incredible shrinking man. hehe

Me and my cousins. we had a great time.

Debra's turn to hold sleeping Anna

saying their goodbyes
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