Swimming Fun

The other night we set up TJ's pool he was given for his birthday. Figured he would enjoy playing and burning some energy.

I went out with the air pump to start blowing it up. I turned the pump on and started getting some other things ready and set up. I didn't look like it was getting pumped up at all. So I decided well I'll start blowing up the other sections while the pump is working on the large section. Finished all the smaller areas and the large section still sat flat. ugh. I went and sat down to see if I held it there if it would do better. When I picked it up to adjust it, I saw a HUGE opening. Now I have no idea why they packaged the pool with that hole not covered by the cap. It was even packaged in a little bag at the bottom of the box. Strange.

Anyways. Once we had it aired up. We started in on the fun.

I love this picture...one because of his pants so high and second because he s telling me that he is going to show me something.
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