Ear Infection and Cold

Last week TJ's tball game was at 7:15 on a Thursday night. Obviously the person who created the schedule does not know any 3 year olds, especially my 3 year old. TJ starts getting ready for bed at 7:30 and is asleep by 8. Well he started crumbling before we even left the house. Poor kid was tired and Monday we found out he had an ear infection. He has been on his antibiotics for 4 days now and is sooo much better.

He has a game tonight and its much earlier and he is rested and not sick like he was last week. Praying for a better experience then what we did last week.

This is how he spent the game last week
He and Anna went to the doctor on Monday and he was diagnosed with a ear infection. This is the first time he has had one and Anna has a cold. Both kids are doing much better.

I must go now. We have to leave for TJ's game tonight.
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