wow what a weekend. We headed down to College Station friday afternoon. We were really excited about going camping and hanging out seeing a bunch of bands. Tim and I are just to old for this. We loaded up Josh's truck with our stuff and their stuff and headed to Snook. We sat in a line in the middle of nowhere for about 30-45 mins. Josh was smart he brought a dolly he knew we would have to carry eveything to our camp site. We loaded up the dolly and picked up the rest of the stuff and turned to walk to our site. We couldn't even see the entrance to the grounds. We were over a mile away. About half way there the tire blew out on the dolly, now Tim and Josh are dragging the dolly. When we finally got the the entrance we had to basically unpack everything at the entrance so they could search our stuff.
We got kinda lost once we got in there and we coudln't find the row we needed to go down. I said instead of us carrying all this stuff around why don't I go search for it while ya'll wait. So I leave with no phone. I couldn't find the row so I head back a different way because the way I went was very busy and crowded. I got back there and no one is there. I couldn't find them anywhere....turns out they started to look for the row by themselves. leaving me to find the. Oh I was soooo scared.
Now its about ten...my bed time. There was no way I was going to be able to sleep it was soooo loud. finally at about two I had to sleep. I finally fell sleep when it started to rain. The music that was blaring finally stoped at about 4 then started playing again at 6. At about this time we hear someone say they want to steal something and then someone starts messing with our tent, Tim and I both swing our arms up and hit the girl. She starts going off saying that we are rude and that we need to let her in. She went on for about 15 mins saying she was cold and that we needed to let her in. I finally said go away your at the wrong tent. She opened our rain guard and looked at us saying she was serious and that we needed to let her in because she was cold. Fun stuff...not going back to sleep now.
On saturday we finally got out of the tent. It was so cold so we got all these clothes on. and then about 10 it got so hot then we had to take all the clothes back off. We watched some of the bands and then packed up our stuff to leave. We realized if we waited to leave until the end it would take us FOREVER to get out of there and then we needed to walk all that way so we left at about 2:30. When we finally got to gate Josh decided to go get the truck and we would load it up at the gate instead of dragging it all that way. Worked out great. Oh funny story....Tim was walking in front of me while we were going through the crowds trying to get out. He was carrying this hiking backpay and since he tied his boots to the side of the bag one on each side. As he was walking he kit so many people in the face with those boots they were getting mad...it was way to funny!

That's it. We had fun but we won't do that again. We'll go camping, but not camping at a party.
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