Update On Game Room

Well we started the painting on Wednesday night. When everyone got there we started with the primer. We had to use this dark grey primer because we are painting the room maroon. I started on the primer. I got so tired it wouldn't spred, after one wall I handed off the roller. One coat of the primer and one coat of the maroon are done. We are going to do another coat just because we had about 6 different painters so some parts are uneven. I was scared we were going to be painting the game room for the rest of our lives to get the maroon we wanted. It looks great. We were planning to get the primer and two coats done on Wednesday, but because the primer to so long to put on there we only got one coat.
Last night we were so tired and didn't want to touch a paint brush. Tim played Play Station and I read my book.
I only have a half day at work today. My brother and his wife invited us to this chilifest down in college station for the weekend. As soon as I get off we head out.
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