Uncle Josh and Aunt Dre

This week my dear brother and lovely sister in law are in town. Tim and I haven’t seen them in person since last summer before the left.

Now technology these days isn’t like it was even a few years ago. We are able to webcam with them whenever. We do this with “Skype” it’s a free communication program that you can make phone calls, text chat or video chat with. It has been so wonderful for us. Josh and Dre have been able to watch TJ grow and TJ is now getting to the point where he “plays” with them on the screen. He blows kisses, shares, and dances for them. TJ has been able through Skype gotten to know his Uncle and Aunt. I recommend Skype or iChat for anyone who is separated from family. It has been a life saver for us.

Josh and Andrea got here on Friday night and were able to spend the weekend with Dre’s family who all drove in to see them. It was so great seeing TJ react to them. He “knows” them and just went on like normal. Josh I think scared him at first because TJ was still waking up and Josh was talking really loud, TJ quickly got over that and has been attached to him since.

This week is going to be great. We have already been able to hang out with them a few times and we still have many more hours of time spent with them. We don’t really have anything special planned except meals and hanging out. HA eat and talk…that’s what we are about!

I know these next few days are going to go by so fast but we are going up to New York in October to see around their town. At least this time when they leave I know when I’ll see them again.

I’m sure I’ll be posting a “Josh and Dre’s Visit” blog
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