Anniversary Weekend

We had such a wonderful time this weekend. I think we figured out that we had exactly 24 hours of "us" time. It was so nice to hang out and have fun. We didn't talk about Teej all Friday. We started talking about him on Saturday but only a bit and we decided to get him a little something because we missed him.

Friday: I got off work at 4 and I went straight home where Tim was all ready to go with the car loaded. We got to Fort Worth at about 5:15ish. We stayed at the Hilton. Now for a little history this used to be called the Texas Hotel. This is the last placed that JFK stayed. On each floor of the hotel right outside the elevator were different pictures of his stay. It was pretty cool. Oh then we found out later that we were there during JFK's birthday. CRAZY!

here is the picture that is on our floor. It's during a press conference right before he went to Dallas
here is the hotel now.

Once we got settled we headed out to eat at MiCocinas. It was pretty good but we decided next time we'll probably go somewhere else.
We walked around town a bunch. We went to Billy Miner's, Flying Saucer, Marble Slab Creamery, and went to a movie. It was so fun to just walk around, talk and have a good time with eachother.

Saturday: We got to sleep in and then headed to "breakfast" at noon and then caught a matinee closer to our area of town.

It was so relaxing and very much needed.

Love you Timothy!!!
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