Scottish Festival 2009

This past weekend was the annual Scottish Festival. I'm not quite sure how long Tim's family has been going but the Scottish Festival has been an anual family tradition since 2000. This event is a combination of  food, music, fun booths, and lots and lots of kilts.

Now this year was not TJ's first year. Last year he spent the whole time laying there.  He was so cute and got so many comments by just laying there. oh and FYI this stroller is one that my mom bought at a consignment and it was amazing. It would lay completely flat and the handle flips so you can have it turned different ways. 

This year was slightly different...he spent the entire time walking around and showing off how absolutely adorable! Now I thought that last year he was getting lots of comments on how cute he was. It was nothing compared to this year. I promise every person who walked by him or saw him would stop and make sure every persone they were with saw him.
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