My Friends

I think it’s very interesting how life shows you who your real friends are around you.

I like that no matter how busy I am or how bored I am they will sit there with me or forgive me for being busy. I love that no matter what is around us we ALWAYS have something to talk about. If its sports, kids, theater, church, or just the weather. I know I’ve said this before but I’ll say it hundred more times if needed. There is no life without relationship and there is no relationship without conversation.

Some friends are like family and is just doesn’t matter what’s going on or how much time passes between visits. The relationship is still there. We can vent to each other, laugh with each other and raise our kids together.

I’ve realized that I love my friends. Through family being far away its nice having some AWESOME friends close that are there for us in the drop of a hat. I know I have my parents here and they are always there but it’s nice having those friends that are just there.

My Friends, you know who you are and I love you! thank you for being so true to me and I hope we are forever friends.
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