As I sit here in my bed, away from my family. I realize that these headaches that I have been having are keeping me from them. The seem to pop up when I want to spend time with them. Family nights, right before I get off work, or on the weekends.
They come up right behind my eyes and then sometimes in addition in my neck. I was told while I was in high school and was hvaing these to take excedrin migrane. Which works great but recently found out that if I have too much cafeine that I get reflux. NO FUN! So in other words I have to first start out with tylenol (never works) then wait and see if it goes away. I basically have to suffer with a headache for hours!! I would start out with the excedrin but my reflux is severe with certain things that my chest actually closes up and it is very hard to breathe. YUCK!
I'm in a not so fun situation and I am needing some prayer. I'm not the nicest person when I get headaches and I really want to spend precious time with my Timothys.

If you think about me say a little prayer that these awful, horrible, and extremly painful headaches will part from me.

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