Home Repairs...UGH!

Well as the last week has passed I knew I would need to post a little blippit about what's going on with the HOME of the Leckie's but as I was writing about The Donut Man, I got a notice that Timothy posted a blog. WHAT?? WAIT. Timothy has a blog? You read that right. He is blogging. Its kinda funny he started blogging by accident. He found a site that he could use with his iPhone to post videos and pictures and just started blogging...Check it out Timothy's Blog!

Well anyways...the reason I got on that tangent was to say that he pretty much summed it up with his blog except...the insurance company gave us more money back then what it cost to get the roof fixed. So we are trying to think of a good way to spend the money. Ya know people are giving away home improvements these days.
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