The Donut Man

Now I know that most of you will have no idea who the Donut Man is or what the Donut Repair Club is...thats ok. I'll forgive you.

The Donut Man is bible story-songs presented in cd's, videos, TV shows, and a live tour. This guy has been around for 25 years, writing VBS programs and so on. We used to listen to tapes when we were growing up and we only had one movie that we would watch over and over again.

Well it just so happens that we found a catholic channel that The Donut Man comes on. Since there is all this fancy technology now, we record it. My son LOVES the Donut Man. Any time he sees it on the TV he breaks down in dance. I found the old tapes in my sisters closet. And then had to find a tape player so I could listen to them. Because I listened to the tapes ALL the time I know all the songs. To this day I think that the Donut Man is the greatest children's Bible story music. Its great to just listen to and its great to watch.

Here is TJ dancing to the Donut Man

I just wanted to post this to share a little insight to The Donut Man. "life without Jesus is like a donut, like a donut, cuz there's a whole in the middle of the heart"
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