TJ Update- 16 months

Life seems to do nothing but speed by. I know TJ is getting bigger and I've watched him get bigger but the shock moments hit me when I see him in someone elses arms and realize how big he is from the last time they held him or from when they first held him. It throws me to the wall of emotions when I watch him "talk" to someone, when I watch him laugh, when I watch him play his guitar, and when I watch him with endless activities.

Ok now for what he is actually doing. He is really walking, even starting on the running. This last week he got some of his molar teeth in. He weighs about 25 pounds now. I'm not sure how tall he is, but it does seem that in the last few weeks he has shot up. his legs look less like hobbit legs...haha. Shorts now look more like shorts instead of capris. Don't worry one bit. I LOVE those legs.

I mentioned earlier that he "talks". Well, he doesn't just talk to talk. He actually looks at you and starts "talking" like you know what he is saying and when I answer him he continues on. He also walks around with an old cell phone and talks on the phone. 

This boy is a worshiper! he walks into church raising his hands and looks for a banner to wave. Anytime you say "hallelujah" he raises his hands and waves them back and forth and when you say "praise Jesus" he claps his hands. The other night we were at connecting the glory that our church was hosting and there were a bunch of kids with banner walking around the alter and TJ took off and went with them.
He is such a happy kid and we are so blessed to have him. Here are some more pictures from the last months:
1st Rangers game

surprising Daddy with a new iPhone

my blue eyed boy

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