TJ has not been good at traveling the last few months. I think the problem is that we very rarely do short drives. Its either driving down the street or driving 6 hours away.

This last weekend we went to Arkansas and took along my laptop to play movies. It helped with the entertaining and helped keep him quiet for a while. He ended up sleeping more on this trip than he had in a long time. Most of the time he only sleeps and hour and that's after about 2 hours of screaming. It is not fun and we dread it. This last trip he slept about 3 of the 6 hour drive...not bad. He cried for maybe a total of 45 mins and the rest of the time we were either singing or he was watching a movie.

Hopefully we are at the end of that.

In October we are going to New York!! Yah! I'm so excited its only a few weeks away and can't wait. We are flying out on a Saturday and coming back on a Saturday. We are planning on a taking my laptop for movies and a bunch of snacks. Its been a few years since I've flown and I of course have never been on a plane with a toddler...Any pointers that I should know mom's or dad's?

In November, we have the Leckie side of the family coming to our house for thanksgiving and then on Friday we will be driving over to Shreveport to see Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, and cousins.

In December, we will be going to Bentonville for Christmas like we did last year.

At the end of February begining of March, we will be going to ISRAEL!! I'm pumped. Tim and I have never been and couldn't be more excited. TJ is going to be switching off his time at Uncle Rik and Aunt Sarah's house and G-Paw and Sweetie's house.

Hoping all the traveling goes well and again if you have any tips or pointers for traveling with a toddler. Please advise. thanks
this is what we saw a lot of the last trip

 this is what we saw most of the trip last weekend
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