Man alive....this week with TJ has been a rough one. If you know my son you know rough can't be that bad because he is the best. BUT a bunch of things have hit him all at once.

This last week he is teething. Teething hasn't been to bad for him. Eye teeth and some of the molars weren't a problem but this time its bad. He chews on everything and is constantly trying to get comfortable. Looks like a bunch of molars are coming in all at the same time on one side of his mouth. Ouch!

Than I've noticed that I think he is about to hit a growth spurt because he isn't eating much. He eats breakfast and then just kind of snacks the rest of the day. He is drinking liquids and doesn't seem to mind not eating. I know if he is hungry he will eat. Its just so trying, TJ is such a good eater and will try or eat anything. He eats every meal and can have snacks throughout the day and still finish all his meals. This whole play with the food and shakes his head no to food is killing me.

He will be back at my parents house tomorrow for a few days so hoping this eating thing will get straightened out.

Oh and he is like attached to my hip. Just wants Mommy but I'm also the only one who makes him really mad. I don't get it and I know its a phase.

Come on Happy, eating, fun TJ!!!

but isn't he just so darn cute?
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