Life, Busy Life

Life has been so crazy for me these days. Not necessarily that we are so busy its just the stress that is making it crazy.

The last couple of weeks have been very busy at work for me because the person I back up at work had a baby and will be out for 10 weeks. We hired someone about 4 weeks before she had her baby but the day after she had her baby she was offered a full time job (ours was only a temp job). After she finished off the week, we were in search of a new person, got her in and started working. After 3 days she quit. Found another one, she turned down the job. We finally have a person working. She started yesterday. She really isn't taking much off my desk, but she is taking some of the small stuff like faxing, filing and odd jobs like that. This make a huge difference to me.

Because work has been so busy I have had no desire to do anything at home. Which doesn't help me when I'm at work. I see my desk and then I have a thought of home and completely fall apart.
I'm not necessarily a person that has to be in control but I am one who needs to have things in order. When there was no order and no sign of order in the near future, I broke down. My mom heard a few emotional breakdowns this week.

Thursday night I was determined to get some stuff taken care of at home. We had dinner with my dad and then came back here so they could watch the football game. Tim and I cleaned the kitchen, I spent about an hour getting all our financial and home office stuff in order, and then clean a bit of our room. It didn't sound like much but I needed something in order. Work on Friday was better because I didn't have one thought about home and how I had stuff to do there.
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