Since we did are bedroom flooring last Saturday, T.J. woke up all snotty and coughing on Sunday morning. I knew it was the dust and dirt in the house from pulling up the carpet.

TJ doesn't ever really get allergies. He just gets nasty colds that last for days. I can always tell when he has allergy problems versus colds. His eyes get runny and red when he has allergies (just like his Mum and Dadt).

Tuesday night I would say was the worst. He started to develop a fever that afternoon. My parents were out of town so he was going to daycare this last week. Of course if he had a fever he couldn't go back. We both couldn't miss anywork and our brains were going crazy trying to think of a plan. The fever didn't come back and he was able to go back to daycare he just slept a ton the next few days.

Finally Wednesday night we found out about how much benadryl we could give him. The decongestant and Tylenol weren't helping with fighting the allergy they were just keeping things from getting stuck in his sinus'. Thursday morning he woke up SOO much better.

He still has a little runny nose but it isn't affecting him at all. I've been cleaning the house like crazy over and over again.

Next time we do flooring he won't be here.
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