Since before we even found this house we knew we wanted wood floors.

When we found this house the whole house minus the bedrooms were ceramic tile. The house had BRAND new carpet in the bedrooms so we found no need to replace it right away.

On moving day we had Gracee in her kennel in one of the rooms. Some how she was able to move the kennel in such a way that she could tear at the carpet. This left us with a giant whole in our carpet in the middle of the room. We got this replaced when we were turning this room into a nursery for TJ. My parents wanted to get us started with our laminate wood floors.

We knew with our tax return this year that we wanted to get the other rooms laminated. We got our tax return yesterday so this morning we headed out to floor & decor and got our flooring. It was awesome because the same flooring we got for TJ two years before was still there so the rooms will match.

We were not planning on doing this for a while because we knew it would be major. Well Tim said "hey, I bet we could get our room done today" so at about 12 pm we started to take all the "stuff" out of our room.

The steps to our project:
  • empty room
  • gather tools
  • tear up carpet
  • tear up padding
  • sweep
  • pull up the tack strips around the border of the room
  • sweep again
  • pull up left over nails
  • sweep again
  • carefully take baseboards off
  • sweep again
  • lay down plastic insulation stuff
  • lay flooring
  • put baseboards back on
  • load furniture and everything back in the room
  • pass out
  • then when you wake up....sweep 500 more times
We finished with sheets back on our bed  at about 10pm.....LONG DAY!

here are some pictures from the day:
plastic insulation stuff
TJ helping
before the base boards got up
so pretty
we LOVE it!!
We did buy enough flooring to do the guest bedroom also. We will be getting that room done with in the next few weeks...hopefuly
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