Snow..what? 12 inches...what??

I can NOT believe this winter....

I have never seen this much snow in my life. I have been to states that will get a lot of snow but while I'm there it doesn't snow and then for sure doesn't snow this much.

We got 12 inches of snow here in DFW. I am still floored by it all. And 4 days after the snow fell there is still some snow in areas. Now when it snows in Texas we may get 2 inches and it only stays for the days. So once you get a chance to play in it you better. Heck we even go play in the falling snow even if it doesn't stick. We are out there with cameras and all....haha.

This snow was one we could go an play in whenever....while it was snowing, that night, the next day or even the next day. So nice to experience this!

It started snowing Thursday morning so when I first woke up this is what I saw:

This right here was a lot for me and I would have gone and played in it if it wouldn't have been 6 in the morning. It continued to snow ALL day and all night. When I got home at 4:20 this is what I saw:
WOW. At this point we didn't have power because one of OUR trees fell on some lines in the backyard and the power was cut off. Our neighbor had called at noon and I called twice when I got home. The power came back on that night at about 7:45.
Thursday 4:20

 Thursday 9 pm
Thursday 9 pm
Neighbor's tree...so pretty
our sweet boy...hating the snow..hehe
TJ really didn't like the snow. We stuck him it at one point and he just stood there and screamed. I guess its the uncertainty of it and not knowing what to do. He did love throwing snow balls and watch Gracee chase them. Fun memories.

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