Anna is One Month Old

Today Anna is one month old.

She is doing great. She is getting so big and spends a lot of hours during the day awake. She takes her naps in her bed so when I go back to work her bed isn't foreign to her. At night she only wakes up twice. She sleeps for anywhere between 5-7 hours at a time and then wakes up again 3 hours from the first time she woke up.

At first she would take forever to eat. I mean a good 45 minutes to an hour. It didn't take me long to speed her up. At first when she would eat faster she would spit up a bunch but she learned to control her eating and swallow better. She is getting so good at eating that she actually doesn't have to burp every time she eats.The one thing that annoys me is that she is completely fine with not eating every three hours.

She is successfully going to sleep on her own. I'll blog about all that at a later time. We had a stomach bug a few days ago and I held her a lot and I was worried that she wouldn't go to sleep on her own for her naps and bedtime, but she didn't skip a beat. I would lay her down and she would pass out.

When she was first born she would make these sweet baby girl noises. Well those are long gone. She came home and she makes so many noises while she sleeps. I thought TJ was loud, but this girl grunts, sighs and breathes sooo loud while sleeping. It took me a while to tune them out but I can finally sleep without waking up at every grunt. When she is ready to eat she uses the lungs the Lord gave her and I'm up feeding her.

She is pretty easy. She only fusses when she has gas or is hungry. There is the occasion that she fusses when she has been up too long and just doesn't know what to do with her self. She can be dirty or have a completely full wet diaper and she won't make a noise that it bothers her. She does start to fuss if the dirty diaper leaks.

There isn't much to talk about since she is only a month old. She goes to the doctor on Tuesday so I'll have her measurements and weight then.

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1 Month Old

UPDATE: Anna went to her appointment and she weighs 10 pounds, 9 ounces and is 21 3/4" long. The doctor said she was doing well and she is looks great.
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