Anna's Baptism/ Dedication

Anna's first Sunday was the day we decided to get Anna baptized/dedicated.

The word baptism brings many questions to people when mentioned. We use baptism as a symbol and an act that we are dedicating her to Christ. We step in for her since she isn't old enough to make her decision yet. We promise to raise her in the ways of the Lord. To teach her about Christ and about His teachings. We claimed her for the Lord and that the enemy has no place in her life.

With TJ we did his baptism/dedication when he was a few months old when family would be in town. With Anna since it was the weekend after Thanksgiving most of the family was able to be there, except Aunt Mimi. She had to go back to work. We missed her being there.
This is the gown that my brother, me, my sister, my cousin, TJ and Nate wore at our baptisms
 This is where we were asked if we believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. Do we renounce Satan and all his evil ways.
Papa gave her shoes as a symbol to walk where the Lord leads her and she would walk and sow the seeds of life.

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