Words of TJ

I decided it would be good to record in writing how TJ says certain things. That way I can always look back and see how he said certain words.

Some of his words are said like the sound they make:
  • Horse: eee aw
  • Monkey: eee aw
  • Cars: Vroom
  • Train: Choo Choo
  • Lions, Tigers, and Giraffes: Roar

Some are just strange:
  • Penguins and really any bird: Rat...yeah beats me?
  • Love you, Thank you, Excuse me, You are welcome: is all said the same... See You

Then here are just some words:
  • Bright or something being hot: hot
  • Drink: Tea, no matter what the drink is
  • Hungry or I want to eat: Eat or I eat
  • Please: Pee
  • Anna: Nina
  • Gracee: Grotchy
  • Bed: Might Might
  • Bath: Bah
  • Home: Ome
  • ABC's: See Nah
  • Amy: Mimi
  • Jeff: Joe
  • Buz: Bebe
  • Dinosaurs: Choo Choo (He gets this because of Dinosaur train on pbs)
  • Football, baseball: PoohBall
  • Snack: Nack
  • Ally: Chally
  • Uncle Terry: Chally's Daddy
  • Church: Chip or Papa's Chip
  • Movie: Vee or Wee
  • Milk: Moe
  • Help: Up
  • Song or Music: Show
  • Guitar: Trow (like show)
  • Cold: Burrr
I can't think of anything else right now but I'll keep adding to this blog as I remember or as things change.
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