Girly Day

Well today was a big day for Anna!

Anna got her ears pierced!! YAH!

We had talked about this day before she was even born and knew it would come shortly after she was born. I got mine done when I was a baby and loved seeing all my baby pictures with pretty earrings on. We decided that we wouldn't wait till she was older for numerous reasons.
  • didn't want her to know how to touch and play with them
  • didn't want to have to hold a stronger baby still to get them pierced
  • she doesn't have hair and wanted another thing that always made her look like a girl. We've already been asked how old he is...ugh
  • her ears are easy to clean now instead of her crawling, running or turning away.
Anyways. She did fantastic. She sat still while the lady was marking where she was going to pierce them. I had to hold her arms down with one hand and keep her head still with the other hand. She cried between the piercings but once I got up and turned her around to comfort her she started to calm down. She had been a little fussy but after eating she is just happy as can be. She is sitting right here looking around, kicking, smiling and talking.
 Supportive Brother
 getting ready
 first ear done....I think my face is funny in this picture
 poor baby
here is a close up

She did great and we are so proud of her! 

Here is another picture of our pretty girl:

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