Anna: 3 Months Old

Anna is now three months old. She is growing so fast.

She wakes up between 8:30 and 9. She eats at 9, goes back down for a nap around 10:30 and sleeps till 12/1, eats when she wakes up, has little cat naps until 3, eats at 3, goes down for a nap, sleeps till 5:30/6, eats at 6, bath at 7:30, play time with Mommy and Daddy, starts eating at 8:30, bedtime at 9.

During the day at my parents house while she is eating from a bottle she was eating 5/6 ounces, this last week she started eating 7/8 ounces in each bottle. Eating from the bottle is going great, we won that battle. YAH!

This was a big month for Anna. She had lots of milestones and lots of accomplishments.

On February 6th (11 weeks), she rolled over for the first time. She was lying on her back and flipped over then after laying there for a bit she flipped back over to her back. She rolled over both ways in one night. She isn’t rolling over like crazy now. She’ll only do it if she is bored with what she is doing. Then last week she held a toy by herself. She was handed to toy and then pulled it up to her mouth. On January 31st (10 weeks) she went from sleeping 8/9 hours at night to sleeping 12 hours! I thought it was going to be a fluke thing and she was going to wake up at 9 hours the next night but she is sleeping 12 hours every night. When it’s during the week, I get her from her bed and put her in the car seat, as soon as I get to my parents house I lay her down and she sleeps until 9.

Anna also got her ears pierced. She has had them for 2 weeks now and they don’t seem to bother her at all.

Not sure how much she weighs because we won't go to the doctor until the end of March. She is really getting long. I'm anxious to see how much she has grown.
TJ and Anna on her first Valentine's Day
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