Snow Day 2011

Well we had our first official snow day of 2011.

It started last night around 10pm. The rain came before the cold front. It rained for a while while the temperature dropped. Early this morning around 3 to 4 am. the rain turned to sleet. By 5 am the roads were getting slick. I had already gotten a call from my baby sitter (Christine is watching the kids while my parents are on their TXAPN trip) that she wouldn't be able to drive. She lives in Ft Worth and it hit there first.

By 6 am I heard our office was taking a weather day due to the ice. Only a few (including Tim) had made it to work and they made it because they were driving before the roads were that bad.

Tim made it home by 7 with breakfast. Since he had been gone since 4:30 our drive way had plenty of time to get a good sheet of ice where his truck had been parked. He pulled into the drive way and put the truck in park and it started to slide back into the street. So he is parked in the street.

We haven't gone out to play in it because its mainly ice.
view from the front door
another view from the front door
Our icy driveway and street

Maybe we'll venture out later to get some pictures. After all it's Anna's first snow day! Well we had snow another day but it didn't stick here.
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