Rockin and Rollin

Oh my goodness!
This weekend sure was a big weekend for Anna. She rolled over for the first time last night.
She has been working on rolling over since her 2 month check up. The doctor even witnessed it and said “oh she’ll master that very shortly”. Well she has been really trying but couldn’t seem to get past her arm.
Last night while we were at some friend’s house she was trying it again and they were sure she was about to do it. I was thinking she’s been doing this for a couple of week so we’ll see. A few minutes later over she went. It was crazy though. Her first time to roll over was from her back to her tummy. Normally they go from tummy to back first.
Here she is RIGHT after she rolled over. You can even see she was lying on her arm. This is all I could catch. I couldn’t get my camera out quick enough.

Well after she accomplished this, she laid there for a little while and then fell asleep. Look how sweet!
15-20 minutes had passed and she woke up and started pulling herself up and looking around. I came back into the room and she was moving back onto her back. YAH! She had rolled both ways for the first time all in one night. She even did this a couple of times. She isn’t the quickest at it so I haven’t gotten it on camera just because the video would be too long. I’ll work on it though.
Here she is right after she moved back to her back.
Tim and I are so proud of her. Tim even told her last night when we were putting her to bed that rolling was for day time and its time to go to sleep now.
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