Fun to None

We got home from work and TJ wanted to go play outside. TJ and I headed out to go play. I took my camera because he said he wanted to show me how hard he could hit the baseball. Once I got out there he didn't want to play baseball anymore so he was just running around having fun.

He asked if I could push him in his "EeAww wee" aka Horse Swing. I helped him up and started pushing him.

Having a great time except he wasn't going as high as he wanted too. So I decided I'll take it down and try to move it and see if I can get it to swing higher. I pull it down and TJ says "oh mommy, a bug!" I take a look and OH MY! I grab TJ so fast and take him inside.

There was a wasp nest with a huge wasp on it. Yikes. I of course grab my camera to take a picture. After taking pictures I try to spray wasp killer on it but the can was almost empty so I basically made it mad. Now we are inside playing...haha
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