4th Of July Weekend

We had a pretty busy weekend with traveling, family, friends, and lots of eating and swimming.

We started out our 4th of July weekend taking a trip to Little Rock to see family and meet Mr. Charles, our newest nephew. We drove up on Saturday morning and stayed for the night.

Here is Uncle Tim and Mr Charles

 Anna meeting Charlie
 All the kiddos
And here is Aunt Kiki or KayKi with Mr Charles.
Then we went to the Peery's house on Sunday night to grill and go swimming:

On Monday we went to Uncle Terry's house to do LOTS of cooking and LOTS of swimming.

In the earlier pictures TJ is wearing a life jacket. When he wears this for whatever reason he doesn't feel comfortable in the water. He grips onto us for dear life. But we tried out the floaty he is in on the last picture. He will swim all over the pool with this. We are taking this to the beach with us.


And I will have a Vacation Series so I can post lots of pictures in multiple blogs than posting one HUGE post.
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