San Antonio, TX [Vacation Series]

First stop is San Antonio.

We started the journey right after church. Made a few stops on the way but got to San Antonio just in time for Dinner at Mi Tierra's.

Since I have never been down to the Riverwalk. That was the main event for San Antonio. We headed over there and found a boat tour entrance and got our tickets. This was a lot of fun. We got to see everything in the area, TJ got to ride a boat, and we had a great time. What more could we ask for?

 My little family
 My Little Timothy with his tongue sticking out again
 My sister, my mom and me
 A nine story high tree
 My happy family
My parents and sister

Amy had to get a stamp in a book from the Alamo. I decided I wanted to get out and take some pictures (make some memories) while the others drove around the block while we ran in. While Amy was getting her stamp, I walked around. It was a fun quick trip. In these next pictures, we literally ran ahead and turned to take a picture.

On the way to our next stop we passed through Gonzales and saw the Houston Oak where Sam Houston Mustered the troops
Here is my daddy in front of the Houston Oak

On to the next stop.... Shiner, TX
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