Eight Month Old Anna

One thing is for sure, Anna is one VERY happy baby.

Her smile lights up a room and is very contagious. I can't help but smile when she smiles.

This month she had a bunch of firsts. She got her first two teeth, she went to her first movie, she rode a horse, she went to the beach, and she started on solid foods (Gerber Graduates).

She is crawling like crazy. She has figured out that she can follow us when we start walking away.

Yesterday she got so excited that I came home and when I had to leave the room to go get something she got so upset that I was leaving her. Apparently I wasn't being very nice. She makes me happy that she likes me to much.

Her schedule hasn't changed much:
She wakes up at around 8 and then eats oatmeal with fruit and milk, stays up and plays till 11:45 and starts eating then lays down at noon, sleeps till 2 to 3, eats again, stays up and plays till 4:30ish, sleeps till 6ish, up for veggie and milk, around 7:30 we start baths and she is eating and in bed by 8:15. She eats about 8 ounces at each feeding.

At my mom’s house she'll eat a little bit and then go back to sleep till about 9- 9:30ish then the rest of the schedule is the same.
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