Shiner, TX [Vacation Series]

A must stop for Timothy was Shiner, TX. He has been wanting to go for years and when he found out that it was on the way to Port Aransas we wouldn't have been able to get away with not going.

We left San Antonio mid morning and got to Shiner before lunch.

For samples you get 4 free samples. You get 4 tokens which means you get 4 beers. The cups that they gave you a sample in held about 6 ounces of beer so with 4 tokens you got a good amount of beer to try.

I just took one of my parents tokens and had my Shiner 102. Its the shiner I like (thanks to Roger for introducing me to this beer)

Then of course we had to get some t-shirts and fun stuff like that. 
Pretty Anna
The Brewery
Nana, Mimi and Anna
Drinking my 102
Tim behind the bar
 After the brewery we went to lunch at Friday's Fried Chicken. My dad had a burger (surprise, surprise) it was really good, my mom, sister, TJ and I had chicken dinners, and Tim had a Cock n' Bull burger. It was chicken fried chicken on a burger. Tim really enjoyed it. It was HUGE
Happy girl
TJ and Mimi

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