My Little Sister

ts somewhat of a shock when I think of my life and that I'm an adult...Married, good job, a house and a great life. It feels like yesterday when we were all playing out side all day long hoping that the street lights didn't come on so we wouldn't have to go home. My little sister Amy's birthday is today she is eighteen! I can't believe it. She has become such an awesome young woman of God. She only desires to seek his will for her life. She is going to be at home for this last summer and then she is off to Texas A&M. She has so much drive in her...She could be a doctor if she wanted. I admire her so much for her love for people and for the Lord. I don't get to see her much these days she is involved in a play at school, when she is not at the practices she is at work. After she graduates her schedule should clear up then we can all spend more time with her. I love you Amy and Happy Birthday!
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