New Yard

Well after a few months of being in the new house Tim and I finally attacked the yard. We definatly inherited this guys bad yard.
On Friday night we went to Lowes and bought a bunch of plants and equipment. When me and my mom were looking through all the plants she was explaing to me how I should place them. I just wasn't seeing it and I was scared that I would plant them in the wrong place. I asked my parents to come over and help. We have helped them with SOOO many projects over at their house, they were happy to help. Saturday monring Tim got the back and front yard done with mowing and weed eating. My parents showed up and we tore apart the old beds and reshaped them making it more pleasing to the eye, it goes along the length of the house. There was theis nasty ivy all in there and this over grown rosemary. The flower bed around the tree had tons of ivy, all these little trees, and infested with ants. (Tim found them on his arm biting him) We got all the hawthorne, firns, and these other two kinds of plants that I can't remember what they are planted. Yesterday we went up to Calaways after lunch and bought some more firns, hawthorne and a bunch of differnt flowers for the beds and some pots I had.
Needless to say we got it all planted. The front yard looks great. All of my plants are so small, but it still looks good. Once everything grows in I'll take some more pictures and post them.
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