Game Room and House

This week we are finally going to be painting the Garage (well game room now). Yesterday afternoon we were at a big lunch with the church. We were sitting at a table with the Wirths and Uncle Terry and Bryan we at the table next to us. Tim and I were just trying to sucker my parents and Terry and Bryan to come help so we can knock the painting out in one evening. We are painting the room Maroon. We will need lots of coats and if its just me and Tim it will take us FOREVER! Well in the act of getting my parents, Terry and Bryan to come help Rodney and Virgina offered to come help. So now we have 8 people that will be at our house on Wednesday. We'll be able to switch painters in and out that way we won't get as tired as fast.
We are having a house warming party on April 14th. We are trying to get as many as these projects done before we show the house off. I got the bathrooms painted. We were going to do that before we moved in but we were short on time because of the problems with the weather and closing on the house. We did get the living, dining, kitchen, hall, entry, and our room painted before we moved in.
Now we just have the tree clippings on the side of the house that need to be moved, weather stripping on the back door, hanging plants for the front and then some clean up in the office and we'll be ready. I'm excited about the party.
Oh and I need candles for my candle sticks. My mom said she might have some at her house. If not I'll have to go buy some.
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