Trip To Home Depot

Okay since we are having a bunch of people coming over to help paint on Wednesday, we needed to go to the store and get the paint and supplies to finish the room.
We got to home depot and had no list to begin our search for everything we needed. We headed towards the lighting department to find the light we picked out months ago to put in our game room. We couldn't find it after asking for help, they had one left (Praise the Lord!) then we went to the paint department we got all the primer, paint and flooring paint. I think we spend and hour in that department. We had the ladies attention so we kept her close and got her to get everything we needed. Everyone in line behind us were getting mad.
Then we went to look at the weather stripping....we had no idea which one to get. We'll ask Terry when he comes over on Wednesday.
Off to the AC units...we were looking at the one we were told to get. Some lady came up throwing a fit that we didn't need to get that because it is horrible. She said she put it in her Garage. Well did she build a wall and insulate the room and seal the attic door...Probably not! We bought it! If it doesn't work we'll bring it back.
Now if we were smart we wouldn't have bought all this stuff on the one day it rains. We had two carts my hair was curling up like crazy, our clothes and everything we had was getting wet. We made it home with all the stuff in good condition.
We should have all the painting and lighting done this week and the furniture in there next week. All ready for the Party!
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