Little Bit of Some Blog Silence

Sorry about being quiet. An no, this picture doesn't have anything to do with my blog but I thought it was really cool.

Its been a pretty busy and crazy last couple of weeks. It started out with last Sunday. TJ had a fever, for no reason. It was pretty high and I didn't know where it was coming from. Since he wouldn't eat lunch after church I thought it was because he was teething. After a few days of up and down fever I called the doctor. The one thing that concerned them was that he didn't have any other symptoms. Well it turns out that the Dr. diagnosed that TJ has Roseola, I never saw a rash. But the Dr said that he may or may not get the rash.

Monday was my brother's golden birthday. Happy birthday Josh! Wish we could have been with him but we'll have a big party when we see them this summer.

I started this blog last weekend and I can't even remember why last week was so busy. This week I found out that TJ's bed has been recalled so this week we have been working on getting that taken care of. The bed is apart and the bolts have been mailed with all the other necessary paperwork to get a voucher for a new bed. Hopefully in about a week we'll be getting a new bed. It was really weird last night taking the bed apart that we had gotten for him. Well and now his room just looks off without his bed in there.
This week was NOT a good week relationally at work. But after some serious quiet time with The Lord I had a decent day today. I've just decided I can't do it on my own and I'm gonna be happy even if they don't like it.

I finished up my last class of School of Spiritual Warfare last week and we were suppose to have our last class with Beverly McIntyre yesterday but she got stuck in San Antonio and couldn't make it in time for the class. My dad has another class coming up this summer where we will go through the redemptive gifts and I KNOW it will be an awesome class. I just haven't decided if I'm going to attend. We are learning this in church right now and I just may want to go into it deeper in the class.

TJ is growing like a weed and of course changes daily. He got his 7th and 8th tooth in this last week. His top eye teeth.

Tim is really into cycling right now and out riding as I type. He is going on a 40 mile ride tomorrow and next weekend he will be in a 60 or 65 mile race. SO proud of him and he is even getting Amy into riding. I've gone a few rides its not as exciting for me. That probably has something to do with not having a fancy shamancy road bike and having a 25 pound kid on the back wobbling around. HAHA

I know this was a bunch of random information but its all I got right now. I really have some things that I want to get out but I'll save that for another day. I have things that are burning in my spirit that I want to write. Oh yeah! I didn't tell you, I got prophesied over that I would be a writter. That I would teach, draw pictures, prophecy and so on with my writings. SO COOL!
Here is TJ and his girl Lex on Easter weekend. I know its a little old but wanted to share a picture of him. 
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